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Accelerated IFR Training for Chicagoland, Milwaukee, and Nashville

Have you considered an accelerated instrument rating program, but you don't want to spend 10-14 consecutive days training away from home? Do you live or work in the Nashville, Chicago or Milwaukee metropolitan area? My 10 day IFR course is completed over 5 weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at your convenience, so you can stay at home and still finish your rating in just over a month! You pay one flat rate for unlimited flight instruction, plus the cost of the airplane. You are guaranteed to pass, or additional flight instruction for a re-test is free! 

You bring the airplane! Training is available in your personal airplane at many Nashville, Chicago and/or Milwaukee area airports.

Note - Due to high demand, 5 weekend IFR time slots are extremely limited.  Please contact me for info on scheduling your training program.


Full Time Weekend Course

The 5 weekend IFR rating course is an accelerated program for pilots who wish to learn the finer points of instrument flight while still enjoying plenty of down time to study and absorb each lesson. The course is scheduled at your convenience, and typically includes full time instruction from 9am - 4pm on five consecutive weekends. Training in your airplane can be conducted at most airports in NE Illinois, SE Wisconsin or the Nashville area.

You'll progress through a five stage syllabus, and at successful course completion you will be signed off to take your Instrument Rating practical exam with a DPE. 

You are guaranteed to pass, or any additional instruction for a re-test is free! 

Sand Storm


Limited Time Offer - Flat Rate Instruction SOLD OUT

The accelerated course is currently fully booked for 2022.  Contact me for information about accelerated training in 2023.

The 5 weekend program is offered at only $SOLD OUT* for unlimited flight instruction towards your IFR rating. You will receive at least 40 hours of flight instruction! Guarantee to pass!

*Airplane cost, optional materials, and examiner fee not included.  Must complete training within 16 weeks of start date.

Airplane Above the Clouds


Before you arrive!

Students must possess a Private Pilot License, at least a 3rd class medical or BasicMed, and should have online ground school and the written test complete no later than the second weekend of the course. I recommend Sheppard Air for written test prep and Sporty's Instrument Rating Course for complete ground school preparation.

30 hours of logged PIC cross country time is recommended before program start. You'll need 50 hours before you can take your practical exam, but your instrument training can include up to 20 hours of cross country time if necessary.

Students training in their own airplane are responsible for ensuring that the airplane is airworthy and suitable for IFR flight. 

Cirrus SR22T


Limited Weekends Available!

5 Weekend IFR is fully booked through January 2023, but we are taking inquiries for future bookings or non-accellerated training!  Call today for schedule information!

Call today to schedule your training! Course schedule subject to instructor and airplane availability and geographic limitations.

Training does not need to be on consecutive weekends.

Front of Aircraft


Cirrus SR20 G6 available now!

In partnership with Centurion Aviation at Racine/Batten International Airport (KRAC), we now have a new 2020 Cirrus SR20 G6 available for you to rent!  Earn your instrument rating in the plane you want to fly!

The Cirrus SR20 TRAC series is a modern high performance Cirrus, with thoughtful additions and modifications that are tailored to the training environment.  It includes the same Garmin Perspective+ avionics suite as the SR22 line at a lower overall cost, making it an ideal training platform.

5 Weekend IFR: Admissions
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