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Cessna 172SP


You take the controls!

Have you dreamt of flying, but you aren't sure where to begin? Take a discovery flight, and take the controls!  Your flight at the Kenosha Regional Airport will begin with a pre-flight briefing and an introduction to the airplane. You'll sit in the pilot's seat for a 45 minute flight.  

You will follow along with your hands on the controls as the instructor performs the takeoff in a Cessna 172.  Once in the air, you will fly the airplane and learn the basics of straight and level flight, climbs and turns. You will also have the opportunity to sightsee from your panoramic window!

After the flight, your instructor will give you your first logbook, and the time spent will count towards your private pilot training.

Book a Discovery Flight now for only $125.

NOTE - Discovery flights are temporarily suspended due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions.  

Discovery Flight: Our Programs
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