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Expand your horizons!

The instrument rating is the most useful add on rating to your private pilot certificate. With an instrument rating, you'll learn to fly and navigate in clouds and low visibility. You'll learn to analyze weather patterns and make safe go/no-go decisions.

Your instrument training follows a 5 stage syllabus, with an emphasis on refining aircraft control, instrument approaches, navigation and cross country flying. You will get at least 40 hours of actual and simulated instrument time with a CFII.

The scenario based approach to training will put you "in the system" on actual IFR flight plans to destinations of your choosing.  Once you have learned the basics of instrument flying, you will put your skills to work planning and flying cross country trips in actual instrument conditions.  You can learn and fly at your pace, or you can choose an accelerated program that will take you from zero time to checkride in as little as 5 weekends.

Instrument Rating: Our Programs
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