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Student Pilot


Learn to Fly!

Learning to fly is challenging and FUN!  Whether you're starting from zero hours, or you are finishing up from earlier training, we can help!

Private pilot training is done at your own pace, in as little or as much time as you need to complete the curriculum. You must be able to read, speak, and understand English, and you'll be required to pass an FAA medical exam before you solo. 

The private pilot curriculum is a 5 stage program with clear goals and progress reports along the way.  Stage 1, you'll learn the basics and become familiar with controlling the airplane.  Stage 2, you will refine your control and learn to land. Stage 3, you will expand your skills through new maneuvers and you will learn more advanced landing techniques. Stage 4, you'll venture out to other airports with cross country and night training.  Stage 5, you'll bring all of your training to a conclusion as you prepare for the practical exam. 

You can start training at any age. You can solo at age 16, and get your license and carry passengers at age 17. 

Private Pilot Training: Our Programs
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